Allows the user to make barriers.

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Moveset Edit

  • Wall: 25 Defense - Creates a wall; size based on defense stat.
  • Slam: 50 Melee - Slams a wall into a player, does damage based on melee stat and if haki is enabled or not.
  • Room: 100 Defense - Creates a spherical room around the user. Size depending on Defense Stat. Cannot be shaved into, out of, or onto.
  • Barrier Bat: 200 Melee - Creates a bat in the users hand, same damage as diamond sword. Damage based on melee stat.
  • Prison: 300 Defense - Entraps a player in a prison. Cannot be shaved into or out of.
  • Barrier Body: 400 Defense - Creates a barrier around the user; making them invulnerable to all damage.
  • TIPS : You Can Trap The Boss (VOKUN) = Prison skill then use Barrier Bat Hit The Boss
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